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Rewrite bubble to be manual SVG

Elis Axelsson 3 years ago
1 changed files with 51 additions and 13 deletions
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@ -1,14 +1,52 @@
<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 -0.5 10 10" shape-rendering="crispEdges">
<metadata>Made with Pixels to Svg</metadata>
<path stroke="rgba(0,158,254,0.9372549019607843)" d="M3 0h1M0 3h1" />
<path stroke="rgba(0,221,254,0.9568627450980393)" d="M4 0h1M9 5h1" />
<path stroke="#00c2ff" d="M5 0h1M9 4h1M4 9h2" />
<path stroke="rgba(0,197,254,0.9372549019607843)" d="M6 0h1M3 9h1M6 9h1" />
<path stroke="rgba(0,167,254,0.796078431372549)" d="M1 1h1" />
<path stroke="#0090ff" d="M2 1h2M1 2h1M1 3h1M2 4h1M2 5h2M1 6h1" />
<path stroke="#00c1ff" d="M6 1h2M2 2h2M6 2h1M3 3h2M6 3h1M3 4h3M7 4h1M5 5h2M4 6h3M4 7h2M3 8h1M5 8h2" />
<path stroke="rgba(0,220,254,0.5490196078431373)" d="M8 1h1M1 8h1M8 8h1" />
<path stroke="#00deff" d="M8 2h1M8 3h1M8 6h1M1 7h1M8 7h1M2 8h1M7 8h1" />
<path stroke="rgba(0,221,255,0.7490196078431373)" d="M9 3h1M0 6h1M9 6h1" />
<path stroke="#0093ff" d="M0 4h1M0 5h1" />
<svg xmlns="" width="10" height="10">
<g class="bubble">
<rect fill="#0093ff" width="1" height="2" x="0" y="4" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,158,254,0.9372549019607843)" width="1" height="1" x="0" y="3" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,158,254,0.9372549019607843)" width="1" height="1" x="3" y="0" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,221,254,0.9568627450980393)" width="1" height="1" x="4" y="0" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,221,254,0.9568627450980393)" width="1" height="1" x="9" y="5" />
<rect fill="#00c2ff" width="1" height="1" x="5" y="0" />
<rect fill="#00c2ff" width="1" height="1" x="9" y="4" />
<rect fill="#00c2ff" width="2" height="1" x="4" y="9" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,197,254,0.9372549019607843)" width="1" height="1" x="6" y="0" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,197,254,0.9372549019607843)" width="1" height="1" x="3" y="9" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,197,254,0.9372549019607843)" width="1" height="1" x="6" y="9" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,167,254,0.796078431372549)" width="1" height="1" x="1" y="1" />
<rect fill="#0090ff" width="2" height="1" x="2" y="1" />
<rect fill="#0090ff" width="1" height="2" x="1" y="2" />
<rect fill="#0090ff" width="1" height="1" x="1" y="6" />
<rect fill="#0090ff" width="1" height="1" x="2" y="4" />
<rect fill="#0090ff" width="2" height="1" x="2" y="5" />
<rect fill="#00deff" width="1" height="1" x="1" y="7" />
<rect fill="#00deff" width="1" height="1" x="2" y="8" />
<rect fill="#00deff" width="1" height="1" x="7" y="8" />
<rect fill="#00deff" width="1" height="2" x="8" y="6" />
<rect fill="#00deff" width="1" height="2" x="8" y="2" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,221,255,0.7490196078431373)" width="1" height="1" x="0" y="6" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,221,255,0.7490196078431373)" width="1" height="1" x="9" y="6" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,221,255,0.7490196078431373)" width="1" height="1" x="9" y="3" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,220,254,0.5490196078431373)" width="1" height="1" x="8" y="1" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,220,254,0.5490196078431373)" width="1" height="1" x="1" y="8" />
<rect fill="rgba(0,220,254,0.5490196078431373)" width="1" height="1" x="8" y="8" />
<rect fill="#00c1ff" width="1" height="3" x="6" y="1" />
<rect fill="#00c1ff" width="1" height="1" x="7" y="1" />
<rect fill="#00c1ff" width="2" height="1" x="2" y="2" />
<rect fill="#00c1ff" width="2" height="2" x="3" y="3" />
<rect fill="#00c1ff" width="1" height="1" x="7" y="4" />
<rect fill="#00c1ff" width="1" height="1" x="5" y="4" />
<rect fill="#00c1ff" width="2" height="2" x="5" y="5" />
<rect fill="#00c1ff" width="2" height="2" x="4" y="6" />
<rect fill="#00c1ff" width="2" height="1" x="5" y="8" />
<rect fill="#00c1ff" width="1" height="1" x="3" y="8" />