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from pinouts import NodeMCU as pins
from hcsr04 import HCSR04
import time
import machine
def blink():
pin = machine.Pin(2, machine.Pin.OUT)
while True:
pin.value(not pin.value())
def distance():
5 years ago
sensor = HCSR04(trigger_pin=pins.D3, echo_pin=pins.D4)
while True:
5 years ago
def movement():
sensor = machine.Pin(pins.D2, mode=machine.Pin.IN, pull=None)
5 years ago
while True:
5 years ago
def toggleRaiseUp():
relayUp = machine.Pin(pins.D2, mode=machine.Pin.OUT)
relayUp.value(not relayUp.value())
def toggleLowerDown():
relayDown = machine.Pin(pins.D3, mode=machine.Pin.OUT)
relayDown.value(not relayDown.value())