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* Usage
I've provided an =.envrc= for direnv which uses =nix-shell= to load
=shell.nix= which provides the dependencies needed to run the project.
But it's not required to use =nix-shell= since the only deps are =php= of
a version 7.2 or newer and =composer=.
It's required to run =composer install= in this directory before starting
the webserver and then running the repl pointing to the webserver.
The database is a sqlite database which ends up in =sqlite.db= in the root
directory of the project.
** Run the webserver
: php -S localhost:8000 -t public/
** Run the repl
: php repl.php http://localhost:8000
** API docs
*** Request stock by item name
: curl http://localhost:8000/inventory/item-name
*** Bring stock down by item name
: curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8000/inventory/item-name/amount
*** Increase stock by item name
: curl -X PUT http://localhost:8000/inventory/item-name/amount